Ensure that the Company's Sensitive Data is not compromised

Our expert team works closely with the Client’s management to consult, define and implement data policies and controls that ensures that the sensitive data of the client is secure and backed up.

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Enpoint Security Solutins
The rapid increase of employee access devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc., has ecreated multiple vulnerability points in the organization’s network. We work with our clients to ensure a secure infrastructure to protect the sensitive and proprietary data of our clients.

UTM & Firewall Solutions
Our certified experts recommend/implement Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions that integrates firewall, content filtering, spam filtering, VPN protection, anti-spyware and other security requirements of the client.

Data Leakage Prevention Solutions
Our DLP services & solutions address the client’s data related threats including the risks of accidental data loss and the exposure of sensitive data using monitoring, filtering, blocking and other enhanced features to support the data protection requirements.