Consulting Services

For us at Lambodra Enterprises , each client is so unique, the greatest challenge is to tailor the consulting services to suit individual’s needs.

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We partner with you, in taking business complexity and providing simple and effective solutions in your journey to ISO Certification – True international recognition, by providing following services:
To assess existing status of the Management System against set standard
Provide guidance in improving performance of the business processes and establishing framework for implementation of respective Management System, leading to certification.

Our Specialties

ERP Consulting

ERP experts have their obligations and parts characterized and they have to break down the business, administer the outline, deal with the usage and ensure that the arrangement is effectively conveyed.

ISO Standard

ISO9000 consistence contains the measurements or particulars required with a specific end goal to accomplish the rules or criteria indicated under that arrangement. These models are alluded to as the keeping in mind the end goal to bunch the consistence rules utilized for quality administration and certification.